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Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni blu ray insert. :iconpantherboy:pantherboy 0 0
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Those crazy things we think of
"Shego, keep Possible distracted," Drakken shouted as he stared at the malfunctioning hover car, "for five minutes!" Drakken went to work trying to rewire their getaway vehicle. "OH of all the times to break down," Drakken grumbled.
"Five minutes?" Shego dodged a punch and retaliated with a swift kick which Kim blocked, "I think I can oblige you there DR. D~" Shego was merely toying with Kim until she could find the right moment to crush her completely.
Kim back flipped out of the way just barely dodging a powerful kick from Shego, "Whoa she seems a lot more intense today," Kim thought to herself as she scanned Shego more thoroughly this time around.
"You're staring pretty hard there Pumpkin~" Shego taunted in her usual sarcastic tone; not really thinking much on her prior conversation with DnAmy until she had used the name Pumpkin.  
Kim didn't respond for a moment, and just gave a little glare before commenting, "not really much to stare at is there Shego~?" Kim tried to ta
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The things that we Deny
"Are you Sure this plan of yours is going to work Dr. D?" Shego paced the isle of  the empty Private passenger jet. She was finding it difficult to pull on a Tuxedo jacket and pair of matching pants while Draken was flying the plane.
"It's simply really," Draken nodded his head in confirmation. His  eyes looking straight ahead seeing as how He was intent on keeping them in their sockets. Although for the sake of clarity he began to go over the plan once more so that Shego knew exactly  what to do, "All you have to do is distract Possible and her bumbling buffoon of a sidekick while I sneak in and steal the plans for the generators."
Shego rolled her eyes as she put the final touches on her disguise , "and how exactly do you expect me to distract Possible?" Shego wasn't completely sure Draken thought this part of the plan through. She was still visibly feminine, and pale skinned to boot. "do you really expect me to be able woo my arch nemesis' without wanti
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that movie was amazing, seriously I  found nothing wrong with it at all. I have a few theories about the movie so if you don't want spoilers don't read this.

first theory Bruce and  Fede Alvarez looked at each other while writing this movie and said, "remember army of darkness? Fuck army of darkness it never happened." and is actually a continuation of evil dead 2. To support this if you recall Dave and Mia talking about their mom in the Psych ward I think she was their due to the events of evil dead 2 and notice severe lack or mention of the father, like at all. I believe that Mia is the daughter of Ash and Linda, which would explain why Dave and Mia's mother was in a Psych ward! but I digress I am in no way claiming this to be fact, just some thing I noticed throughout the movie.

theory 2 that this is a continuation is that you see the radio that was used in the first movie to summon the demons the first time is used as a DE fib...that alone was awesome. heck the ending credits 'is' the ORIGNAL recording from the first movie!

the third isn't really a theory but more of an observation but, what  the heck happened to Natalie's hand? I think it escaped sometime before the fire, that is if evil dead 2 is any indication of what was going to happen with that arm after it was cut off.

all in all this was a good movie and deserves to be seen if your a fan of the first movie, I wont say original cause I don't believe this is a reboot one bit lol.


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also do you know what kind of fabric material the person cosplaying as scarecrow used? was thinking of using ordinary burlap and using a real respirator so I can breath with it on.
Yokaste Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014
we bought the overalls in a store for workwear (even though i have no idea in which profession you need orange overalls :D) and had them printed in a local shop for printing shirts and bags and stuff... super easy and comfortable!
that's exactly how she did it. it's a burlap hood and a gas mask underneath.
good luck with the costume =)
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